Mastering tissue specific RNA delivery for efficient cancer immunotherapy

We are dedicated to developing tissue specific RNA delivery for efficient cancer immunotherapy


RNA therapeutics have come to stay

mRNA helps produce therapeutics on site, without the need to manufacture these in industrial factories.

Immune system allows the activation of defense mechanism that has already been built into our body, without the need for intervening with foreign and toxic compounds.


Our Technology

Vectiopep is focusing on activation of the patient’s innate immune system to fight cancer. We achieve this by selective transport of mRNA into the immune cells in the patients’ body. Because Vectiopep has developed selective RNA delivery into immune tissues, we believe it can be used to treat cancer. Our innovation is based on the unique chemical composition of Vectiopep that utilizes specific cell penetrating peptides (CPP), enabling potent and selective RNA delivery.

Nucleic acid biomolecules – DNA and RNA – are integral part in each and every cell in our body and they control crucial aspects of our functioning. By administering specific nucleic acids, we could theoretically treat a number of diseases in the patients. However, since nucleic acids are large and unstable molecules, it is not possible to just inject these and we need an additional tool – nucleic acid delivery system. Such systems pack nucleic acid into nanoparticles, protect it from degradation, and transport it into the patients’ cells.

We believe that our technology, when combined with recent advancements with mRNA therapeutics, will be transformative in the future oncology field, offering unprecedented cancer treatment.


Nucleic acid delivery

Nucleic acids by itself are not capable of reaching human cells and tissues and that is the reason why specific delivery system is needed

Cell penetrating peptides

Cell penetrating peptides translocate over membranes and deliver attached cargo molecules into cells

Precise RNA delivery

Our delivery system selectively delivers RNA into immune cells

Nanoparticles formulation

Our delivery system packs nucleic acid into nanoparticles and protects it from degradation

Our Expert Team

Having complementary backgrounds in chemistry, cell biology and animal models, we have over 10 years developed nucleic acid delivery technologies.

Kaido Kurrikoff, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CEO

Piret Arukuusk, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CTO